League Gothic: Tiny Post Fonts


League Gothic is the default - and once upon a time, the only - font choice in the earlier versions of Tiny Post. League Gothic is where our journey started.

And the reason why it was chosen as the font to pioneer Tiny Post was due to it’s great versatility for captioning photos. It was considerably tall (greater proportion of letter height to letter width) yet thick enough to stand out on photos. In addition to it’s great properties, it is also more neutral in tone/style and hence it can fit into any type of photo-caption style easily. Be it a hilariously funny meme-like Tiny Post or a caption above an inspiring photo, League Gothic is ever-ready to be your faithful servant in allowing you to express yourselves in photos.

That being said, League Gothic’s neutrality is a double-edged sword. Yes, it may be the easiest to use for any type of Tiny Post, but it probably isn’t the best font to reflect what you are trying to express (unless it’s a very neutral expression, of course!).

Ease of use: Very Easy Best used for: Neutral Photos, Memes! Best combined with filter: Any


Source: http://tinypost.co/posts/112291/


Source: http://tinypost.co/posts/83362/


Source: http://tinypost.co/posts/59212/

Helvetica: Tiny Post Fonts


Ahh… Helvetica. The font-type so popular and widely used that it has spawned a documentary. Developed by Swiss typeface designers, Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann in 1957, Helvetica was designed with the foundation of neutrality and flexibility to be used in any form. Due to it’s clarity and simplicity, it is also used in English signage all around the world.

True to its corporate roots, Helvetica is indeed completely neutral. Helvetica can be molded into any expressive form from sadness to happiness to excitement to frustration. Helvetica can be used for headline captions as well as longer chunks of text. Helvetica is simply a messenger: it delivers whatever you want it to and steps aside once the job is done, letting someone else take all the credit.

You can pretty much utilize Helvetica for anything. We included Helvetica into our collection as a tip of the hat to the most ubiquitous font of modern, western life. One caveat on Tiny Post would be that Helvetica is more balanced in it’s width and length, and as such takes up more space. That is something to consider when using Helvetica as it may limit your text.

When should you use Helvetica? If you want something completely neutral, use Helvetica. If your photo conveys something strong and you don’t want a font that adds on to it, use Helvetica. If you want clarity, use Helvetica. If you rather convey an expression with your words only, use Helvetica.

Ease of use: Easy Best used for: Anything Best used with filter: Anything

OMG! iPhone5!






Ostrich Sans: Tiny Post Fonts

Ostrich Sans

Tall and lanky with a unique style is what Ostrich Sans is all about. It portrays itself as a professional and modern font-type, standing out on its own and refusing to blend in with others. With all letters in its font-style capitalized, it doesn’t allow itself to be a mere statement- no, it has to be the statement of intent. Nothing except being the headline will do for this striking font.

If you want to portray a sense of ‘modernism’ or hipster-culture in your Tiny Posts, Ostrich Sans is a great font to use. Since all letters are capitalized in Ostrich Sans, you don’t really need to add any punctuation to your text (periods. exclamation marks! question marks?) as it automatically takes on the role of a headline. As an example, the picture with the text ‘Born to be Fresh!!’ would still look great without the exclamation marks at the end, conveying a more ‘hippy’ tone of statement.

Here’s a tip: if you would like to emphasize each word of your caption, use Ostrich Sans. For example, one typical way of emphasizing each word would be to add a period after each word in the sentence like so:

“This. Is. Shanghai.”

Instead of doing that, you could let Ostrich Sans take-over the role of emphasizing each word in your sentence.

Also, since it is more of a headline text, try not to add too much words to your photos when using it. You may come across as SHOUTING too much at your audience! :)

Ease of use: Medium Best used for: Emphasizing each word in the sentence. Headlines. Conveying modernity. Best used with filter: Any

Climbing the corporate ladder


This Is Shanghai


Born to be fresh!!


Tiny Guide to creating awesome Tiny Posts

Creating your very own artistic Tiny Post is both easy AND fun!

Think you know all there is to creating awesome Tiny Posts? Here’s a little guide that may teach you one or two things you may have missed out!

Step 1

On your Tiny Post app, you will see a red camera icon on the bottom left of the screen. Tap on it to bring up the camera or add a photo from your photo library.

Step 2

With the camera turned on, you can choose to take a photo with your camera for your Tiny Post (by tapping on the camera button) OR tapping on the lower left button to add photos from your photo library.

Whether you choose to take a photo with your camera or add a photo from your photo album, you will be allowed to adjust the photo to fit the size of a Tiny Post.

Step 3

When you are happy with your Tiny Post picture, you’ll be presented the Composer Screen where you can type your witty or inspiring caption to complement your photo as well as enhance your Tiny Post with different fonts and photo filters.

To begin, simply tap on the Type… text box to bring up the keyboard and type your caption.

Step 4

Feel free to type as much text as you want. Experiment with alignment of text by utilizing ‘Enter’ (by tapping the ‘Return’ button on the keyboard) and spaces (by tapping on the ‘Spacebar’ button on the keyboard).

Don’t worry about text sizes: you can adjust them!*

Step 5

Simply tap OUT of the text box to remove the keyboard and go back to the composer screen.

If you want to resize your captions, simply use 2 fingers to pinch the screen outwards to increase the font size, or pinch inwards to decrease the font size.

Tap on the different fonts and photo filters and experiment with font sizes to create the best looking Tiny Post!

When you are done composing, tap on the ‘Next’ button on the top right of the screen to continue.

Step 6

You’re at the final screen before your amazing Tiny Post goes live for all to see!

Here, you can add a complementary caption to go along with your Tiny Post or add #tags that will help in getting your Tiny Post more views. You can also add the location or tag friends that are with you when this Tiny Post is taken.

Last but not least, you can easily share to Facebook, Twitter, your Tumblr blog, your Instagram profile or send the Tiny Post via email to your friends with the social media buttons. Doing so is a matter of seconds.

If you wish to make your Tiny Post completely private, simply tap on the ‘lock’ icon at the bottom right of the screen to do so. Your Tiny Post will be completely hidden from view of the public’s eyes, shown to nobody except yourself.

Finally, tap on the ‘POST’ red button at the top right of the screen to post your Tiny Post!

We hope this little guide help you discover a thing or two you may have missed out in using Tiny Post. Happy Tiny Posting!

Share to Instagram via Tiny Post

After much demand from our lovely Tiny Post users, sharing to your Tiny Posts to your Instagram feed is now possible!

Doing so is extremely easy, in fact it is very similar to how you share your Tiny Posts to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In the sharing screen after you create your Tiny Post, you will see the Instagram icon on the row of sharing buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The Instagram button is the 2nd from the right. Tapping on it will bring up your Instagram app installed on your iPhone where you can then easily make further edits and post your Tiny Post to Instagram.

Note: You will need to install the Instagram app on your iPhone to use this feature.

Happy Tiny Posting!

Gochi Hand: Tiny Post Fonts

Gochi Hand

Straight from Google webfont’s description, “Gochi Hand is a typographic interpretation of a teenage girl.” And, as promised, the font brings out a sense of young and lively, innocent and upbeat.

You can’t take Gochi Hand very seriously: it just couldn’t keep a straight face representing what it says. As such, it is not a good idea to use Gochi Hand for making serious or inspiring captions for Tiny Posts.

Instead, the best way to use Gochi Hand would be for ‘actions’ or ‘sounds’. Actions,  sounds that fit the scene of ‘innocence’, young or excitement are great for Gochi Hand. Here’s a tip: if you are thinking of using an exclamation mark ( ! ) in your captions, do give Gochi Hand a try. It would really flesh out the excitement or anticipation in your message!

Take a look at the examples below of great use of Gochi Hand.

Ease of use: Medium Best used for: ‘Sound effects’, conveying innocence, youth, excitement or anticipation Best combined with filter: Give Portland a try!



Please make her sleep


We finally meet!!!


Permanent Marker: Tiny Post Fonts

Permanent Marker

In the mood for some scribbling fun? Enter Permanent Marker: the font that lets you leave ink marks on anything you want!

Designed to transform your words to look like genuine marker writing, Permanent Marker is outstanding and instructive. With all of its letters capitalized (you know, because when you write with a permanent marker pen you want everyone to read you CLEARLY), your captions shout their message from the rooftops. 

It is best used when you want to concisely state a point on your photo in a single line. You must have intent behind your words for Permanent Marker captions to really shine.

Don’t let that deter you from using Permanent Marker, though. It is a really flexible font that can fit most photo styles and filters. 

Ease of use: Easy Best used for: Any Best used with filter: Any

School Slackers


Baseball Games




Tiny San Francisco: Out in the Apple App Store

The best curated travel guide to San Francisco on the iPhone

The city of true love, summer fogs and eclectic mix of architecture, San Francisco is truly a city that turns-heads in every street and corner. From bustling Chinatown to Fisherman’s Wharf by the sea, the only true representation of the city is the variety of culture, sights and people. Truly, experiencing all of San Francisco is no ahem, tiny task.

And that is why we have decided to tackle that task head-on and present to you: Tiny San Francisco.

With our carefully curated lists of things to do, eat and see in San Francisco, you will be sure to discover the hidden gems and secret hideouts where the locals hang. Not in San Francisco yet? Don’t worry: with the Tiny Post team behind it, you won’t merely be reading up names of these locations; you’ll be appreciating beautiful captioned Tiny Posts that not only shows you how the location look like, but provides you with quick and easy pointers of the place to see if you are fond of it.

So what are the categories of curated places we provide you with?

  • Restaurants - Be it fine-dining or a quick taco-fix you seek, you’ll be sure that the places we provide you in here are sure to fulfill your tummy’s desire
  • Nightlife - The hottest night-clubs catering to all types of audiophiles and the best chill-out bars to watch the big game
  • Sights - From San Francisco’s unique landmarks to serene parks and streets with history, you won’t miss anything awesome in San Francisco here
  • Hotels - Never fret to have a bed to rest from all the overwhelming goodness that is San Francisco
  • Shopping - High-end retail brands and unique consignment stores, shopping in San Francisco is by itself a joyful experience
  • Cafes - More of a coffee person? Or perhaps you just seek to pop in a cafe with wifi to work on your laptop? We show you where are the cool cafes littered around the city Even locals will find something new to see or do with our curated list of awesomeness. With that, Tiny San Francisco allows you to easily bookmark places that you want to visit, letting you easily refer to them later. Or perhaps you just want to see what’s interesting around you? No problem, Tiny San Francisco will simply show you only the curated places that we have which are in close proximity to you.

If you’re looking to appreciate the best of San Francisco, the Tiny San Francisco iPhone app will leave you wanting and staying for that tiny bit more.

Get it now on the Apple App Store

Impact Label: Tiny Post Fonts

Impact Label

Impact Label lives up to its name: a font that brings impact to your photos, and distinctly looks like a label. With it’s unique font style consisting of a black rectangular background with no coloring for its letters, Impact Label is an authoritative figure stamping words on your photos. Doubt no longer: if your going for a smash in your Tiny Posts, nothing comes close to Impact Label.

Straightforward as it may seem, the unique font style of Impact Label which doesn’t have a color to flesh out its letters, may make it rather tricky to use. It is best used for captions that don’t have much text: tiny of it literally as a label; they tend to have as little text as possible. Take careful note to place your Impact Label captions on areas of the photos which are ‘empty’ or fill with a solid color to ensure your Impact Label captions are clearly readable.

Impact Label looks great on photos that are ‘vintage’ or ‘cross-processed’, giving it the old school feel of labeling photos with descriptions of the past. One fun use of Impact Label would be for ‘censoring’ parts of photos with its black rectangular box (take a look at the example Tiny Post, ‘Get a room!’). For Impact Label to work, your photos have to be taken with this fonts specific properties in mind. 

Ease of use: Medium Best used for: Impactful Statements, Vintage Label of Photos, Censoring Best used with filter: Vienna, Portland, Havana, though any photo that has a solid and uniform color base will work out great



Long days of summer

Get a room!

#VoteCA - What inspires YOU to vote, California?

#VoteCA - What inspires you to vote, California?

Source: http://tinypost.co/posts/143116/

It is about 39 days to November 6th, 2012 - Election Day for American Citizens to choose the 45th President of the United States.

As the stage is prepared for the moment of truth on Election Day, both the major candidates - current President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney - are doing their best as they campaign for the hearts and votes of the people.

Despite certain setbacks from the camp of Romney, there is no clear guarantee which party would win on November 6th.

And the decision lies with YOU.

KQED and other radio stations along with Tiny Post want to know:

What inspires YOU to vote, California?

Express your opinions and inspirations of what pushes you to vote with the Tiny Post app and append the hash tag #voteca to partake in the conversation as the race toward Presidency rages on.

Meanwhile, check out what inspires others like you to vote at http://tinypost.co/voteca

#VoteCA - Students registering to vote


#VoteCA - Nature


#VoteCA - Blend of Cultures


Raleway: Tiny Post Fonts


Elegant. Thin. Sleek. Classy. Raleway.

The thinnest of all the fonts Tiny Post offers, Raleway is a minimalistic delight.

With its’ thin, sleek, sans-serif strokes, the silent yet confident Raleway is best used to complement the grandeur of your photo rather than stealing its’ limelight.

Let’s be clear: do not confuse Raleway’s humble reservation as it being side-casted. Your words are like a treasure; and Raleway whispers them to your viewers. Use it when you have an awesome photo and simply want to complement it with your silent thoughts.

That being said, the slimness of Raleway needs to be handled with care. Due to it’s ultra thin lines, you have to ensure that you place your captions on a darker background when utilizing Raleway for your captions to be readable.

It goes best with photos of beautiful and awesome awesome location scenery, or an inspiring object or scene in action. If you want to caption a photo that is full of artsy class, Raleway is your man for the job.

Ease of use: Medium Best used for: Beautiful, amazing location scenery. Classy photos. Cross processed photos. Inspirational photos. Best used with filter: Any

Men's best friend


Chutes de Charnie


Capturing a moment is often just luck


Pacifico - Tiny Post Fonts


Pacifico is a very happy and feather-like font, just minding its own business and floating away. It is best used for photos that have a light and dreamy tone or a bright, tropical and happy setting. You definitely can’t go wrong by using it for photos which have elements of anticipation and/or light-heartedness.

It can be rather tricky to use though, as its script-like font-style does not fit into most photos unlike it’s sans-serif cousins. It’s excessively eye-catching with its large curves and strokes and it’s not a thin font either. Due to it’s light-hearted scripty font-styie, Pacifico is worst used to convey a depressing or emotional message. It is also too light-hearted for meme-like humor, as the tone it portrays make one think ahead and float away…

Pacifico is best compared to a cooking-spice: use it sparingly to bring out the desired taste. Keep your message concise and Pacifico can strike the tone you are going for with your Tiny Posts. Too much text and Pacifico would almost certainly over-power the photo, as well as making it too heavy for reading by your users.

One tip: the recommended number of words for Pacifico is less than six. Anything more than that and it is unlikely that Pacifico is a good choice of font to use.

Ease of use: Medium Best used for: Dreamy, Anticipating, Forward-looking, Happy, Tropical Photos Best combined with filter: All except Berlin, Damascus, Prague

Just a flight away




The American Dream


Fonts and Filters. More than just Cosmetics.

Today, we are launching an update to Tiny Post that we are tremendously excited about. Going forward, you will be able to customize your posts with a selection of diverse font-faces and photo-filters that you probably know from apps like Instagram or Camera Plus. These tools stand at the ready to breathe life into your creations and give your Tiny Post the personal touch that makes it uniquely yours.

After our rebrand from Tiny Review into Tiny Post we took a step back to reflect on our product and decide where to take it next. You might know that, the vision behind Tiny Post has always been a lofty one; we wanted to build a kind of visual microblogging platform that allows people to express themselves beyond the realm of written text. In the pursuit of this vision we had to realize that our carefully thought-out tools did not cover the full range of scenarios you threw at us. You posted love and scorn, jokes and quips, commentary and news stories and — last but not least — cats and dogs. So, today, with you in mind, we lift the curtain on what we think will pave the way for your next wave of self-expression. 

Tiny Posts are a conversation. Fonts and filters provide the intonation.

Oh la la   Magic in a cup   Risk it all

Featured in 81 Countries, #1 in Korea!

Amazing, Tiny Post is featured all around the world, 81 countries. And we take the #1 spot in the Korean App Store.

Go us :)

Tiny Post Featured in the App Store!

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